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About Us

Our mission is to give everyone access to the wonderful world of speech and debate, regardless of background and resources. In doing so, we hope to promote advanced communication skills in youth and encourage participation in government and politics. Experience in speech and debate fosters proficiency in argumentation, persuasion, and rhetoric, which is vital across a lifetime. But most importantly, we want everyone to have a voice.


To achieve our goals, we offer extensive courses to teach prospective competitors numerous events, and regularly update a blog covering a wide range of topics. 

We also offer Zoom tutelage with other students by our knowledgeable volunteers. Our teaching style focuses on first acquiring skills through lectures, then putting them into practice by engaging in speech and debate.


Our Story

Speech&Debate Academy was designed by speakers and debaters, for speakers and debaters. Ranging from middle school to collegiate debate, we believe in having an extensive resource open to all in order to advance the field of forensics.

This project was initially created in August 2022 with the purpose of educating those new to the community. 

Get to Know Us

The founders of this organization have coached three school speech and debate teams, won several national titles over the course of three years, and organized summer programs to teach parliamentary debate.


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