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East Coast v. West Coast Parli: Spot the Differences!

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Parli is practiced all over the world, but customs in the US alone differ so widely that two styles have emerged: "East Coast" and "West Coast." Learn the varying conventions!

Note that even these conventions may break down based on more specific regions. The best practice is to inquire about customs from distinct locations before competing.

East Coast

West Coast

American Parliamentary Debate Association (APDA)

National Parliamentary Debate Association (NPDA)

Prep time

15 minutes

20 minutes


No internet prep

Access to internet during prep


The team that wins a coin flip gets to decide either their side (gov or opp) or the resolution (from three choices). The other team then decides the remaining factor.

Teams are automatically assigned a side. Opp strikes one of three reses, then gov strikes another from the two remaining.

Case types

Fact, value, policy, narrative, link, etc. (customs vary)

Fact, value, policy

Stylistic values (policy)

Every aspect of the case is equally important

Having a functional plan that solves for harms is necessary to win

Know any other differences? Comment below!

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