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Practice Resolutions

Updated: Aug 26, 2022


  • TH values national security over freedom.

  • TH believes that Beto O’Rourke will win the upcoming Texas governor election.

  • TH supports “lying flat."

  • Social media is harmful.

  • THB it is essential to transition to green energy.

  • THBT plastic is bad.

  • THBT humans will be extinct by 2022.

  • Nuclear energy is a viable method of combating climate change.

  • THR the two-party system.

  • THBT Brexit has been a success.

  • Cash is better than any other form of payment.

  • Nuclear energy is a viable method of combatting climate change.

  • A reform in the consumer-driven industry is necessary for a lasting economy.


  • Automation does more good than harm.

  • Charter schools do more harm than good.

  • E-scooters do more harm than good.

  • THBT taxing pollution is superior to regulating it.

  • Cheerleading does more harm than good.

  • Students loans do more harm than good.

  • Chocolate is better than vanilla.

  • THBT the carrot is better than the stick/Carrot over stick.

  • Social media does more harm than good.

  • Television advertisements do more harm than good.

  • Cash is better than any other form of payment.

  • AI does more good than harm for humanity.

  • On balance, ecotourism does more harm than good.

  • THP an economy dominated by small businesses rather than large businesses.

  • Forgiving student loans does more harm than good.

  • TH values national security over freedom.

  • The only viable way to escape Russian influence is a transition to green energy.

  • On balance, the ASEAN’s policy of non-interventionism towards the domestic affairs of its members does more harm than good.

  • Chain stores do more harm than good.


  • The USFG should go cashless.

  • TH should implement a carbon tax.

  • TH should take significant steps to building their blue economy.

  • TH would restrict Meta.

  • TH should implement soda taxes.

  • TH should legalize drugs.

  • TH should mandate uniforms in all schools.

  • The USFG should send aid to TH.

  • TH should prioritize internal change over external stuff.

  • TH would implement safe injection sites.

  • TH should admit the Republic of Serbia into the European Union.

  • CA school districts should prioritize raising teachers' salaries over reducing class sizes.

  • TH should significantly increase gun laws.

  • TH should require all students to attend public school.

  • The USFG should implement a cap on commercial plastic use.

  • Schools should be year-round.

  • The USFG should abolish its cap on legal immigration.

  • The USFG should restrict hate speech.

  • TH should abolish diplomatic immunity.

  • TH should stop Big Tobacco.

  • The USFG should abolish and replace the US Constitution.

  • THW officially acknowledge Taiwan.

  • TH should take significant steps to building the blue economy.

  • TH should ban cryptocurrency.

  • TH should return to the gold standard.

  • THW invest in Ethereum.

  • The USFG and the ROC should take part in cooperative military exercises.

  • THW send significant aid to Sri Lanka.

  • The USFG should send significant aid to Ukraine.

  • TH supports sanctions.

  • The USFG should adopt a living wage.

  • TH should implement four-day work weeks.

  • TH should prioritize internal stability over exporting democracy.

  • In a neighborhood experiencing extreme gentrification, THW implement rent control policies designed to keep current residents in place.

  • TH as a researcher who discovers a nationally treasured artwork is a counterfeit, would not report it.

  • You are a law enforcement officer and have just stumbled across Santa Clause’s naughty list. THW look at the list.

  • Assume that in the status quo, the Sorting Hat in the Harry Potter universe sorts students into different houses based on personality traits/student preference. THW make sorting random.

  • #bandesignerbabies

  • TH is in possession of a device that can read other people's minds. THW destroy it.


Common Abbreviations

  • TH: this house

  • THBT: this house believes that

  • THR: this house regrets

  • THW: this house would

  • THS: this house supports

  • USFG: United States Federal Government

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