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Quiz: Which Prepared Speech Event Works for My Topic?

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

So, you've got a killer topic. But which event to place it in? Just as a reminder, the main speech events are Original Oratory (OO), Original Advocacy (OA), and Informative (INFO).

OO is perfect for broad, societal topics. Almost anything goes in this highly open-ended event, where the topic area typically covers something about which the speaker is passionate.

Original Advocacy is a speech about a specific problem and a solution, typically legislative. It discusses the real-world impacts and implications of issues in society.

Informative is the one event in which visuals are allowed! These speeches are well-thought out, specific, and contain a lot of poster board. Educational topics are most well-suited to info.

Still stuck? Take this mini quiz to find out where your topic fits.

What were your results? Which speech event fits your topic best?

Speech Events

  • Original Oratory

  • Original Advocacy

  • Informative

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