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Learn speech and debate for free! We offer both synchronous and asynchronous instruction. 


Our asynchronous self-paced online courses are complete with articles, videos, quizzes, and presentations. Check out our detailed blog for more materials.

Prefer synchronous learning? Sign up for free weekly Zoom courses with other students to learn speech and debate from our skilled volunteers.

Want to help out? Volunteer with us to teach online or write articles and blog posts.


Sign up for a free course that will walk you through the speech or debate event of your choosing!

Judge's Gavel on Books



This comprehensive resource contains a detailed program to learn parliamentary debate from scratch, a blog with detailed articles, and a debate forum – all for free!



Your go-to guide for interpretation, complete with a mini-lesson for each event. From duo to dramatic interpretation, this resource is perfect for any prospective interper.

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For those limited-preparation speakers, get ready to dive into events from impromptu to extemp. Our resource gives you the basics on the myriad of limited-prep events in speech tournaments nationwide. Coming soon!



Prepared events, such as platform speeches, can be intimidating for first-timers. We've got you covered from original oratory to informative, coming soon!

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