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Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Welcome to our parliamentary debate resource!

By: Sarah Lehman, Speech&Debate Academy founder

Whether a newcomer to the world of parli or a seasoned debater, we've got something for you! For complete beginners, Parlicademy has an instructional course about the fundamentals of parliamentary debate. More experienced debaters can pour over our blog, which has articles on a wide range of subjects from framework to heckling.

We believe that everyone deserves a quality parli education, so all resources are completely free!

Parliamentary Course

We have designed a stock-issues parli course for complete beginners. The course includes video instruction, articles, and mini quizzes. Our program includes:

  • A basic intro to parli

  • Fact/value case types

  • The policy case type (stock issues)

  • Advanced strategies, ie. logical fallacies, topicalities, etc.

By the end, users will have a solid foundation of parliamentary debate fundamentals, perfect for growing and expanding.

Blog and Chat Forum

Already know the ins-and-outs of parliamentary debate? Well, then THBT our blog's detailed articles will benefit a debater of any skill level. From important topics any well-read individual should know (ie. foreign policy) to an explanation of debate customs (ie. how to raise a POI), the blog will update with materials useful to all the debaters out there.

On our forum, debaters can ask and answer questions about parli. This is an a great resource because customs often differ widely state-by-state. Our goal is to promote this exchange to give debaters access to knowledge everywhere!

Last Words

Ultimately, debate is one of our favorite things, and we hope to bring it to you as well. Whether just learning the ropes or a tournament champ, there's a place for you at Parlicademy.

Make sure to subscribe, free of cost, to be the first to hear about new content and features.

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